Department of Music

the university of hong kong

General Information

The Department of Music offers courses designed to meet the needs of students reading for a degree with either a specialist or non-specialist emphasis on music. Our curriculum has been designed with the following aims in mind:

  • To deepen students’ understanding of the functions, concepts, structures, and values of music and its role in society;
  • To broaden students' knowledge of the diverse musical cultures of the world and their histories, styles, and ideas;
  • To train students to think critically about music and equip them with the verbal skills which will enable them to articulate their thinking;
  • To promote creative activity in the composition and performance of music as a mode of discourse that uniquely complements other modes of discourse in the humanities;
  • To provide a comprehensive education that integrates the activities of scholarship, composition, and performance, connecting them to the larger world of learning in the humanities, the sciences, and commerce.

The curriculum consists of a series of courses covering a wide range of topics and approaches at introductory and advanced levels. Cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary interests are particularly encouraged.