Department of Music

the university of hong kong

Postgraduate Students - Current Postgraduate

AU Tin Yung Alex (Composition)
Music composition with computer-aided tools, electronic instrumentation, and equal-tempered spectral pitching

CHAN Sze Rok (Composition) 
Composing for musical multimedia

Yi Eun CHUNG (Musicology)
Temporality in Schubert's Late Music

FUNG Dic Lun Gordon (Composition)
Folk instruments with classical instruments in classical and contemporary context

SHAO Li Tang Kiko (Composition)
Applied Chinese Aesthetics in Composition

TANG Ho Yan Magdelena (Musicology)
Choral music

WU Ming Yiu Dennis (Musicology)

YU Yi Mei (Musicology)
Music in four versions of Dream of the Red Chamber television serials

ZHOU Jing Jasmine (Musicology)
Music from the Tang Dynasty

ZOU Yifan Ivan (Musicology)
Musical ambiguity and its psychological mechanism

LAI Wan Chi Winnie (Musicology)
Music and sound in protest space