Scholarships & Bursary

The following scholarships are exclusive to Music Majors:
  • Bernard Van Zuiden Prize
  • Helen Moore Williams Music Prize
  • Hong Kong Children's Choir Scholarship
  • Jao Yu Tsong Memorial Prize in Music
  • Professor Robert Lord Memorial Prize in Music
  • Rayson Huang Scholarship
  • Vincent and Mandy Chan Prize in Music​
Students eligible for these scholarships are identified by the General Office and awarded through consultation with teachers in the Department.
Brilliant Shine Bursary
The Brilliant Shine Bursary is one of the highlights of being a Music Major/Minor. It covers the cost of music performance lessons for students at HKU so that they can develop their talent without financial concerns. Performance lessons are subsidized by the University; the Brilliant Shine Bursary covers the remaining cost for these lessons that would normally be borne by the student. For further information, please visit the Course Offering page.