MUSI3032 Special Performance Study (capstone experience)
Course Type: disciplinary elective for music majors/minors, free elective for others
Prerequisite: completed at least one of MUSI1022 Performance Study 1, MUSI2066 Performance Study 2, or MUSI3021 Performance Study 3
(admission by consent of the Department)
Coordinator: Mr. Angus LEE
Semester: First and Second Semesters 2023/24 (this is a year-long course)
Pending approval from the course coordinator, students enrolling in the course are required to work on a topic with ostensible ties to their own performative practices throughout the academic year. Assessment will be based on a 20-30 minute lecture-performance event, as well as a supplementary reflective essay of no less than 1,200 words, demonstrating competency in cross-specialism synthesis of performative and theoretical knowledge. This course may be taken to fulfil the capstone requirement. Entry to the course is at the discretion of the Head of the School of Humanities on the recommendation of the Music Department’s Undergraduate Coordinator.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • demonstrate mastery of appropriate performance skills at an advanced level;
  • demonstrate the ability to perform publicly at concerts, recitals, or workshops organized by the Music Department;
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the styles, characteristics, and performance practices of the music studied.
Coursework 100%