Admission MPhil & PhD

The postgraduate curriculum in music consists of four components: coursework, original research or composition under the guidance of a supervisor, regular attendance of research colloquia, and the completion of Graduate School courses.


Students may choose from the following programmes when applying for postgraduate studies in the Department of Music.

M.Phil. (2 years)
Students may enroll as full-time or part-time degree candidates. Students are on probation for the first 12 months of a full-time degree and 18 months for a part-time degree. Full-time candidates must complete their thesis within 24 months from the date of registration, while part-time students have 36 months. Prospective applicants should note that extensions are not normally granted.

Ph.D. (3 years)
Students may enroll as either full-time or part-time candidates. Students who already possess an advanced degree at the Master's level at the time of application are normally admitted into a 36-month programme of full-time study or a 54-month programme of part-time study. Full-time students will be on probation for the first 12 months, while part-time candidates will have 18 months of probation. Students are expected to submit their theses at the end of their candidature, and extensions are not normally granted.

Ph.D. (4 years)
Students without advanced degrees at the Master's level may enroll in a 48-month full-time or 72-month part-time programme. Probation periods for this degree are 18 months and 27 months respectively. Students must hand in their theses at the end of their candidature, and extensions are not normally granted.


Admission to postgraduate study at The University of Hong Kong is governed by the regulations of the Graduate School. Prospective applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves carefully with the Graduate School's requirements and deadlines before submitting their application. Candidates will be notified of the status and outcome of their application by the Graduate School. More information about these requirements may be found at

In addition to the Graduate School's requirements, there are specific requirements that pertain to applicants in music.

For students interested in Musicology, an application should include one or two writing samples (such as term papers or other work showing evidence of independent research), in addition to a statement (of approximately one or two pages) outlining the applicant's proposed research project.

For students interested in Composition, an application should include at least two original compositions in notated form (possibly accompanied by recordings), in addition to a written statement describing the project/s the student wishes to pursue during his/her anticipated tenure in the Department, such as original compositions and research essays in composition, theory, or analysis.

Application Procedures

Application procedures may be found on the Graduate School website at or by contacting the Graduate School directly at the following:

Graduate School
Room P403 Graduate House
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road
Hong Kong
t +852 2857 3470
G +852 2857 3543

Financial Assistance

Generous financial assistance in the form of studentships is available for full-time students. Postgraduates receiving studentships are normally expected to contribute to the Department's teaching by assisting staff members in their undergraduate courses. Further information about studentships and other forms of funding may be found at

Postgraduate Coordinator

The Department of Music's Postgraduate Coordinator, Dr. Giorgio Biancorosso, is available to assist prospective students on all matters pertaining to postgraduate study in music. Please direct enquiries to:

Professor Giorgio BIANCOROSSO
Department of Music
11/F Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
t +852 3917 5209
G +852 2858 4933