MPhil & PhD Application for 2024/25

Apply now for entry in the 2024/25 academic year.  Applicants are advised to observe the deadlines​, apply in the main round, and note the HKPF and the Joint KCL-HKU PhD possibilities.

For further details on our PhD or MPhil programme in Music and other funding opportunities, read here.

Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship (HKPF)

The Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship provides each awardee with both a monthly scholarship and a conference and research related travel allowance per year for a period up to three years. In 2024/25, the scholarship is worth HK$27,600 and the conference and research related travel allowance HK$13,800.  For HKPF awardees who are admitted to a 4-year PhD programme, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) will provide a monthly scholarship and travel allowance at the same level as the HKPF for their fourth year of study. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic performance, research ability/potential, communication and interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities. New applicants to full-time PhD programmes in government-funded institutions in Hong Kong, irrespective of their country of origin and ethnic background, are eligible to apply.

For the 2024/25 exercise, all HKPF holders will be awarded the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship. Each HKPF holder will be provided the following by HKU on top of what they will receive from the RGC:

•  Cash Award to support research and living expenses:
  HK$40,000 in Year 1; HK$20,000 per year in the remaining normative study period
•  Waiver of composition fees for the whole normative study period (i.e. HK$42,100 per year)
•  a guaranteed hall place in Year 1, with possibility of renewal in Year 2

Joint PhD: King’s College London and HKU (Joint KCL-HKU PhD)

The Joint KCL-HKU PhD  programme offers a valuable opportunity for students to pursue research in Music at two premier universities in Asia and Europe. Students admitted to the programme will:

  • be registered as full-time students at both universities and be able to enjoy their full range of academic and various facilities;
  • be guided in their work by faculty members from both universities, and
  • be examined to the standards of both; and normally split their time of study equally between the two universities and spend the last 6 months of study in the home university