MUSI1022/2066/3021/4001 Performance Study 1/2/3/4
Course Type: disciplinary elective for music majors/minors, free elective for others
Prerequisite: NIL (admission by consent of the Music Department)
NOTE: MUSI1022 is for students in their first year of study, MUSI2066 for second year, MUSI3021 for third year, and MUSI4001 for fourth year.
Coordinator: Mr. Angus LEE
Semester: First and Second Semesters 2023/24 (these are year-long courses)
Time & Venue: refer to the course selection page for details
Students taking any one of these courses have to enrol in either two ensembles or one workshop and one ensemble offered by the Music Department over two semesters. Ensembles may include the HKU Chamber Singers, HKU Early Music Ensemble, HKU Gamelan, and HKU Percussion Ensemble. Performance workshops offered vary from year to year and may include individual or group lessons in voice, percussion, or any instrument of the student’s choice, as approved by the Music Department.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • demonstrate mastery of appropriate performance skills;
  • demonstrate the ability to perform publicly at concerts, recitals, or workshops organized by the Music Department;
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the styles, characteristics, and performance practices of the music studied.
Coursework 100%
Mandatory pass-requirement: perform ONCE and attend TWICE as discussant in Performance Spotlight