MUSI2055 Chinese Opera
Course Type: disciplinary elective for music majors/minors, free elective for others
Prerequisite: NIL
Instructor: Professor CHAN Hing-yan
Semester: Second Semester 2023/24
Time: 9:30am – 11:20pm, Monday
Venue: CPD-LG1.22 Rehearsal Room
This course starts with an exploration of the structural and theoretical aspects of Chinese Opera, including the classification of tune types, text setting, and performance practice. While examples are mostly drawn from kunqu, Peking opera, and Cantonese opera, other regional derivatives may also be introduced for comparison and analysis. The second half of this course comprises a series of reading and examination of representative operas and their performances, through which the interplay between Chinese opera and its religious, social, cultural, and political contexts is investigated.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • demonstrate knowledge in selected Chinese operatic styles and illustrate a deeper understanding of conceptual ideas behind the musical practices;
  • understand different styles of Chinese operas in their respective social, cultural, and historical contexts;
  • articulate all the accumulated knowledge clearly through writings, discussions, and presentations.
Short Exercises 40%
Oral Presentation 20%
Final Project  40%
  • national style verses regional derivatives
  • tune types, text setting, and the libretto
  • function of the percussion ensemble
  • performance as creative process
  • entertaining the masses verses entertaining the deities
  • cross-dressing in Chinese opera
  • revolutionary opera and modern experiments
Selected readings and listening/viewing materials are either available on Moodle or on reserve at the Music Library.