Department of Music

the university of hong kong

Course Selection 2017/18

All courses carry 6 credits unless otherwise specified

First Semester Courses

  • MUSI1023 Materials and structures of music
  • MUSI1024 Jazz: history and appreciation
  • MUSI2026 Fundamentals of music composition
  • MUSI2044 Film music
  • MUSI2070 Fundamentals of tonal music
  • MUSI2071 Topics in Western music history I
  • MUSI2074 Introduction to contrapuntal styles and techniques
  • MUSI3027 Instrumentation and orchestration 2
  • MUSI3034 The qin [capstone experience]

Second Semester Courses

  • MUSI1004 Introduction to musics of the world
  • MUSI2010 Music of China
  • MUSI2015 Popular music
  • MUSI2059 Music and the mind
  • MUSI2072 Topics in Western music history II
  • MUSI3024 Composing for the commercial world
  • MUSI3028 Red is the colour: music and politics in post-1949 China [capstone experience]
  • MUSI3035 Music analysis II [capstone experience]

Year Courses

  • MUSI1018 Advanced music performance 1
  • MUSI1022 Performance study 1
  • MUSI2047 Advanced music performance 2
  • MUSI2066 Performance study 2
  • MUSI2068 University gamelan
  • MUSI2079 Introduction to arts administration
  • MUSI3019 Advanced music performance 3
  • MUSI3021 Performance study 3
  • MUSI3031 Special study [ capstone experience]
  • MUSI3032 Special performance study [ capstone experience]
  • MUSI4001 Performance study 4
  • MUSI4002 Advanced music performance 4 [ capstone experience]
  • MUSI4003 Dissertation [capstone experience]

Common Core Courses

  • CCHU9038 Music and the Human Body  (first semester)
  • CCCH9035 Music along the Silk Road (second semester)
  • CCHU9049 Reinventing Classical Music (second semester)

MUSI1018/2047/3019/4002 Advanced music performance 1/2/3/4

Admission to these four courses is by audition. First-year students should enrol in MUSI1018, second-year students in MUSI2047, third-year students in MUSI3019, and fourth-year students in MUSI4002. Please sign up for an audition time via email to or in person by 1:00pm, 28 August 2017 at the latest. Details of the audition are:

  • Date: 29 August 2017
    Time: 10:00am-5:00pm 
    Venue: LG1.22, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

For the audition, please prepare five minutes of music consisting of two contrasting excerpts.

The results of the audition will be announced via email by 1:00pm on 30 August 2017. If you are admitted to the course, you can enrol in MUSI1018/2047/3019/4002 online within the add-drop period in September 2017.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. Giorgio Biancorosso at

MUSI1022/2066/3021/4001 Performance study 1/2/3/4 
MUSI3032 Special Performance study

Students taking these courses have to enrol in EITHER two ensembles OR one workshop and one ensemble offered by the Music Department over two semesters. Ensembles include the HKU Chamber Singers, HKU Gamelan, HKU Percussion Ensemble, and HKU Early Music Ensemble (next offered in 2018-2019). Performance workshops include EITHER Vocal Workshop OR any instrument of the student's choice, as approved by the Music Department. Please note that students enrolling in the HKU Chamber Singers must also enrol in the Vocal Workshop, or vice versa, unless allowed by the Department to take another ensemble/workshop instead. Final grades will be determined by combining the result of each ensemble/workshop in which the student is enrolled. Only students who have completed at least one of MUSI1022, MUSI2066, or MUSI3021 can enrol in MUSI3032, which may be taken to fulfil the capstone requirement.

Ensembles and performance workshops available in 2017/18

  • Ensembles
    HKU Chamber Singers (admission by audition)
    HKU Gamelan (consent of instructor required)
    HKU Percussion Ensemble (consent of instructor required)
  • Workshops
    Vocal Workshop (must also enrol in HKU Chamber Singers unless allowed by the Department to take another ensemble/workshop instead)
    Percussion Workshop (consent of instructor required)
    Instrument Workshop (instrument of your own choice, consent of Department required)


Students are required to complete a form indicating their preferred ensemble/workshop and return it to the Music Office before 5:00pm, 6 September 2017. First-year students should enrol in MUSI1022, second-year students in MUSI2066, third-year students in MUSI3021, and fourth-year students in MUSI4001. Students wishing to take MUSI3032 and who have fulfilled the above prerequisite must also sign up for an appointment with Dr. Deborah Waugh at the Music Office by 5:00pm, 6 September 2017. Note that the meeting times of these ensembles/workshops ARE NOT SHOWN in HKU's SIS (Student Information System). Thus, you can only enrol online in MUSI1022/2066/3021/3032/4001 within the add-drop period in September 2017 AFTER your admission to the ensemble(s)/workshop(s) is confirmed by the Music Department.

download the form

A. Ensembles and Auditions

Students who would like to be admitted to an ensemble must either attend an audition or seek the consent of the instructor concerned. For the audition, please sign up for a time slot at the Music Office by 5:00pm, 6 September 2017 at the latest. Audition results will be posted on the Department notice board outside the Music Office on the day following the audition.

1. HKU Chamber Singers

This chamber choir conducted by Patrick Chiu performs high quality repertoire from the Renaissance to the modern era and from sacred music to jazz. The course covers a wide range of topics, including choral techniques, ensembleship, performance practice, and score analysis. Students are required to attend weekly rehearsals and perform music from memory. Regular performances will be arranged accordingly. Details of the audition are:

  • Audition Date: 6 September 2017 
    Time: 4:30-7:20pm
    Venue: LG1.22, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

For the audition, students should prepare a two-minute excerpt of a song or choral work from the Baroque or Classical period as well as one short assigned piece, which can be downloaded here. Priority will be given to students with ABRSM Grade 8 or equivalent in voice or any instrument.

For further enquiries, please contact Patrick Chiu at

2. HKU Gamelan

The HKU Gamelan performs both traditional and contemporary works for Balinese gamelan gong kebyar. The ensemble also has access to a Central Javanese gamelan on loan from the Indonesian Consulate. Frequently collaborating with composers and other instrumentalists, the gamelan has weekly rehearsals and performs on a regular basis.

Please attend the first meeting of the ensemble, as follows:

  • Meeting Date: 7 September 2017 
    Time: 4:30-5:20pm
    Venue: LG1.22, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. Deborah Waugh at

3. HKU Percussion Ensemble

The HKU Percussion Ensemble focuses on a wide range of repertoire and musical styles, including traditional and contemporary works, non-Western music, and improvisation. The ensemble meets on a weekly basis and performs regularly on campus and at outside venues. Students should have some proficiency playing percussion or be enrolled in the Percussion Workshop.

Please attend the first meeting of the ensemble, as follows:

  • Meeting Date: 8 September 2017 
    Time: 10:30am-12:20pm
    Venue: LG1.22, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. Deborah Waugh at

4. HKU Early Music Ensemble

The HKU Early Music Ensemble performs repertoire from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Students will explore the techniques, performance practices, and interpretation of the music through weekly rehearsals and public performances.

The HKU Early Music ensemble is offered every other academic year, and will next be offered in 2018/19.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. Deborah Waugh at

B. Workshops

Each workshop comprises 20 sessions conducted over two semesters (10 sessions per semester). Assessment will be based on a student’s progress throughout the year, as well as a practical examination held at the end of the second semester. Students taking these workshops are required to pay a tuition fee. When your admission is confirmed, please obtain a bank pay-in slip from the Music Office for processing the payment. Once the workshops are launched, the tuition fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

1. Vocal Workshop

This course aims to enhance students' vocal techniques and performing abilities. By studying solo arias under renowned vocal masters, the course covers topics such as voice production, diction, style, and interpretation. Songs of various European languages will be used, including Latin, Italian, German, and French.

For further enquiries, please contact Patrick Chiu at

2. Percussion Workshop

This course offers individual or group lessons on percussion instruments and is open to both beginners and advanced players. Attention will be given to the development of students' musicianship, technique, and rhythmic sensibility, as well as expanding their repertoire and sense of sound.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. Deborah Waugh at

3. Instrument Workshop

This course offers instruction in an instrument of the student's choice.

For further enquiries about MUSI1022/2066/3021/3032/4001, please contact Dr. Deborah Waugh at