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Postgraduate Students - Completed Postgraduates

CHAN Hei Tung (MPhil Musicology)
Becoming a Tradition: Reinventing the Sanxian

LAI Wan Chi Winnie (MPhil Musicology)
Sound and Nonviolence: Music as Political Action in Hong Kong
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2016/17

YIP Chi Chung Mike (MPhil Composition) 
The New Electric Guitarscape in Contemporary Music

CHEN Chih Ting Timmy  (PhD Musicology)
In the Mood for Music: Sonic Extraterritoriality and Musical Exchange in Hong Kong Cinema
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2012/13
Li Ka Shing Prize 2016/17

LEE Heung Fai Kelvin  (MPhil Musicology)
Mahler’s Dramaturgy of Sonata Form: The Late Symphonies

Estela IBANEZ-GARCIA  (PhD Musicology)
Music in Play on Screen: Performing Reality in Ingmar Bergman's Late Work
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2014/15

Morton WAN  (MPhil Musicology)
Embodied Meanings in Beethoven’s Last Three Piano Sonatas Opp. 109, 110, and 111
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2013/14
Li Ka Shing Prize 2014/15

Juliette O'BRIEN  (PhD Musicology)  
Global Perspectives on Dance: Salsa and Bharatanatyam

PANG Pui Ling Irene   (PhD Musicology)
Reflecting Musically: The Shanghai Municipal Orchestra as a Semi-colonial Construct

Linus Kristofer SVENSSON (MPhil Composition)  
The Use of Just Intonation in My Recent Compositions

WANG Shuang  (PhD Musicology)
From Stage to Screen: The Legacy of Traditional Chinese Theatre in the Soundtracks of King Hu’s Films

FU Ka Man Francis  (MPhil Composition)
Playing with the Voice: Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid Culture in Contemporary Japan

FUNG Dic Lun Gordon  (MPhil Composition)
Timbre as a Structural Device in Compositions
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2012/13

LEUNG Ki Ki  (MPhil Musicology)
Listening for the "Spirit" of the Symphonies: Program Notes and the Construction of the Soviet Hero

KYE Hee Seng  (PhD Musicology)
The Third Voice: Anima as Drama in Mozart’s Operas

NG King Pan  (PhD Composition)
Composing for Chinese Instrumental Ensemble: A Practitioner's Perspective

WYLEGALA Hamabe Yoko   (PhD Composition)
Audience Accessibility: Applying Game Rules in Music Composition

Carrie Alita CARTER  (MPhil Musicology)
Inventing Taiko
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2011/12

CHENG Chung Kei Edmund  (PhD Musicology)
Executive Mismatch and Robert Schumann’s Hand Injury: Tranquil Execution, Widely-Extended Textures, and Early Nineteenth-Century Pianism

CHEUNG Kwok Hung Stephen  (PhD Musicology)
Traditional Music and Ethnicity: A Study of Hakka Shange

Letty POON  (PhD Musicology)
The Piano as Cultural Capital in Hong Kong

MA Duan Yang Lisa  (MPhil Musicology)
Music and Emotions Reconsidered: Towards a Holistic Approach to Understanding Musical Experience

TSE Tai Shun  (MPhil Composition)
A Portfolio of Three Compositions: Improvisation as a Structural Device

Fredeliza Zamora CAMPOS  (MPhil Musicology)
A Study of the Musical Instruments of Ifugao in the Cordillera Region, Northern Philippines

CHAN Chor Shan Sharon  (MPhil Musicology)
Neither Here Nor There: The Dramatic Tension between the Spoken Word and Music Performance in Igor Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex (1927)

CHOW Man Ying  (MPhil Musicology)
Singing the Right Tones of the Words: The Principles and Poetics of Tone-Melody Mapping in Cantopop

LO Ting Cheung Daniel  (MPhil Composition)
Structural Ordering in Contemporary Music: The Perceptibility Factor Reconsidered
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2010/11

Joao Marcos MASCARENHAS  (PhD Composition)
The Learning and Creative Processes in Music Composition and Improvisation: A Personal Account
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2009/10

YIP Ho Kwen Austin  (PhD Composition)
Composing in the Globalized World: A Witness of Music Diaspora

LAW Ho Chak Goson  (MPhil Musicology)
Kun Opera: A Study of Its Notations and Instrumental Sonority

LEUNG Chi Hin Michael  (MPhil Composition)
New Technical Explorations in Music Composition

WANG Shuang  (MPhil Composition)
Beautified Violence: Music and Slow Motion in The Banquet (2006)

LEONG Sau Mun Dawn-Joy  (MPhil Composition)
Scheherazade's Sea - A Mixed Media, Multi-sensory Installation and Performance

KAM Chi Lim Daniel  (MPhil Musicology)
Contemporary Chinese Music in Hong Kong: The Wuji Ensemble, a Case Study

MUI Yee Man  (MPhil Musicology)
The Hong Kong Soundscape: Music and Sound in Johnnie To's PTU

YIP Ho Kwen Austin  (MPhil Composition)
From Piano to Music: Original Compositions and Illustrations
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2008/09

Fiona CHUNG  (PhD Composition)
Music Composition and Creative Writing: Exploration and Application of Frames in Music and Word

FU Lok Yi Alice  (MPhil Musicology)
Contemporary Cantopop: Reception of Crossover Music in Hong Kong

LEUNG Tai Wai David   (MPhil Musicology)
Memory, Aesthetics and Musical Quotation: Four Case Studies in 20th Century Music

MOK Kei Hon Simon  (MPhil Composition)
Algorithmic Music Composition Using XML: A Constraint-Based Approach

YANG Yuanzheng (PhD Musicology)
Japonifying the Qin: Appropriation of Chinese Qin Music in Tokugawa Japan
Li Ka Shing Prize 2007/08

CHAN Sze Rok   (MPhil Composition)
Inspired by the Hindu Tradition: Compositions and Reflections

CHENG Yu Sum Anthony   (PhD Composition)
From Hades: An Opera in Four Acts

LAM Hon Chung Adrian  (MPhil Composition)
Original Compositions: Elements of the Musical Space

NG Ka Lai Clara  (MPhil Musicology)
Oppositional Forces as Social Commentary in Alban Berg's Wozzeck

Letty POON  (MPhil Musicology)
Piano Culture in Hong Kong: From City Hall to Harbour City

Deborah WAUGH  (PhD Musicology)
NEXUS: Integrating Musical Traditions
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2000/01

WONG Hock Wei Wendy  (MPhil  Musicology)
Containing the German Within: The Unpublished Piano Works of Dohnányi Ernö

TANG Wai Chung Joyce  (PhD  Musicology)
Interpreting Lou Harrison: Social Criticism in His Post World War II Works
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2005/06

YOUNG Kar Fai Samson  (MPhil Composition)
Internationalism, Individualism and Chinese National Style: The Hybrid-Identity Composer and the In-Between Space
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2004/05

CHEUNG Kwok Hung Stephen  (MPhil Musicology)
Traditional Folksongs in an Urban Setting: A Study of Hakka Shange in Tai Po, Hong Kong

Angela KANG  (MPhil Musicology)
Chinoiserie as Musical Gesture

MUI Kwong Chiu  (PhD Composition)
Crossing the Musical Divides: A Collection of My Musical Creations

Lee William WATKINS  (PhD Musicology)
Minstrelsy in the Margin: Re-covering the Memories and Lives of Filipino Musicians in Hong Kong
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2001/02

YANG Yuanzheng  (MPhil Musicology)
Early Qin Music: Manuscript Tokyo, Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan TB1393 and Manuscript Hikone, Hikone-jo, Hakubutsukan V633
Li Ka Shing Prize 2003-2005
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2003/04
Outstanding Research Postgraduate Award 2004/05

Fiona CHUNG  (MPhil Composition)
Reflections on the Relations Between Note and Word: Original Compositions in Music and Poetry

GO Kin Ming Joseph   (MPhil Composition)
Nostalgic Musicians in North Point: A Survey of Fujian Nanyin Activities in Fujian Tiyuhui, From 1957 to the Present

TSANG Yik Man Edmond  (MPhil Musicology)
Beethoven in China: The Reception of Beethoven's Music and Its Political Implications, 1949-1959

Oswaldo DA VEIGA JARDIM NETO  (MPhil Musicology)
The Role of the Military and Municipal Bands in Shaping the Musical Life of Macau, ca.1820 to 1935

John William VON SEGGERN   (MPhil Musicology)
Network Effects: The Development of Music in Cyberspace

CHENG Yu Sum Anthony  (MPhil Composition)
An Application of Arnold Schoenberg's Gedanke Manuscript as a Blueprint Theory for a Portfolio of Original Compositions

CHONG Siu Ping Amy  (MPhil Musicology)
The Chansons of Claudin de Sermisy in Attaingnant's Chansons nouvelles and Other Early Collections

Daphne LEE  (MPhil Musicology)
The Transmission of Qin Music: The Analysis of Four Versions of the Composition Pingsha Luoyan

WONG Siu Chun Jenny   (MPhil Musicology)
Robert Volkmann's Piano Trios, Op. 3 (1842-1843) and Op. 5 (1850): A Study of Sources and Style
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 2000/01

HO Wai Chung Anthony  (MPhil Musicology)
The Highland Bagpipe in Hong Kong: A Study of Its Role, Function and Development

LEUNG Lai Yue Ciris  (MPhil Musicology)
The Social Organization of a Cantonese Opera Performance
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1998/99

Brian Christopher THOMPSON   (PhD Musicology)
Calixa Lavallée (1842-1891):  A Critical Biography
Li Ka Shing Prize 1999-2001
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1997/98

CHAN Tong Ti Trudy  (MPhil Musicology)
Così Fan Tutte on Video
Li Ka Shing Prize 1997/99
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1994/95

Tracy CHAN   (MPhil Musicology)
The Development of Musicals in Hong Kong

MAN Oi Kuen Ivy   (MPhil Musicology)
Cantonese Popular Song in Hong Kong in the 1970s: An Examination of Musical Content and Social Context in Selected Case Studies
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1996/97

Rawin PANYANITI   (MPhil Musicology)
Bartók as Ethnomusicologist and Composer: Folk Music and Art Music Influences on His Musical Language

Gaye Elizabeth GOULD   (PhD Musicology)
Constructing Lyrical Heroes: Verdian Tenors and Their Literary Sources

Usa KIATVONGCHAROEN    (MPhil Musicology)
Analytical Approaches to Three of Debussy's Préludes for Piano

POH Tse Tse Jennifer    (MPhil Musicology)
The Use of Music Therapy in the Treatment of Autistic Children with Special Reference to Hong Kong
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1995/96

YIP Lam Christine    (MPhil Musicology)
The Performances of J.S. Bach's Music in the Hong Kong Arts Festival: A Case Study of Bach Reception in Hong Kong
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1993/94

KAO Shu Phyllis    (MPhil Musicology)
Affective Gesture in J.S. Bach's Keyboard Music with Special Reference to Selected Works in D Minor
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1993/94

NG Pong Wai Brenda    (MPhil Musicology)
The Development in Hong Kong of Commercial Popular Songs in Cantonese

CHAN Kam Biu Joshua  (PhD Composition)
Portfolio of Original Compositions
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1989/90

KWAN Kit Hing Kelina  (PhD Musicology)
Cadenza as Reception: Stylistic and Structural Analysis of Selected Cadenzas for the First Movement of Beethoven's Piano Concerto Op. 58

NG Chun Hoi Daniel  (MPhil Composition)
Original Compositions for Young Musicians

TAM Wing Kei Ruth  (MPhil Musicology)
Accent Markings in Schubert's Piano Sonatas

KOO Chat Po  (MPhil Composition)
Six Music Compositions

Tony WHEELER  (MPhil Composition)
Compositions for Chinese Instruments

CHAN Siu Ying Susan  (MPhil Musicology)
Hans von Bülow as an Editor of Keyboard Music
Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music 1987/88