MUSI2068 University Gamelan
Course Type: disciplinary elective for music majors/minors, free elective for others
Prerequisite: NIL
Instructor: Dr. Deborah WAUGH
Semester: First and Second Semesters 2021/22 (this is a year-long course)
Time: 3:30pm-4:20pm, Thursday
Venue: CPD-LG1.22 Rehearsal Room
This one-year course introduces students to the exciting world of Balinese gamelan. Students will learn to play all the instruments of the gamelan gong kebyar while working together as an ensemble to perform both traditional and contemporary music. The gamelan performs on a regular basis and often collaborates with composers and other instrumentalists. No prior musical experience is needed for this course.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • demonstrate mastery of appropriate performance skills when playing gamelan;
  • demonstrate the ability to play at least two different gamelan instruments;
  • demonstrate the ability to play the main melody, supporting parts, and interlocking (kotekan) parts of at least two gamelan compositions;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the cultural and performance practices of gamelan music.
Coursework 100%