Department of Music

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Brilliant Shine Bursary

The Brilliant Shine Bursary covers the cost of music performance lessons for students at HKU so that they can develop their talent without financial concerns. Performance lessons are subsidized by the University; the Brilliant Shine Bursary covers the remaining cost for these lessons that would normally be borne by the student.

The Brilliant Shine Bursary shall be awarded to all

  • first-year students and music majors, minors and specialists in years 2, 3 and 4 taking Instrument Workshop, Vocal Workshop or Percussion Workshop under MUSI1022/2066/3021/4001 Performance study 1/2/3/4 or MUSI3032 Special performance study [1]
  • on the condition that they have attended all their Workshop lessons [2]
  • and performed well in the course. [3]

The bursary is awarded retrospectively. Students pay up front towards the cost of their Workshop lessons and apply for the bursary at the end of the course. The bursary will cover the exact cost that each student pays for his or her lessons in the Workshop. A reminder to apply for the Brilliant Shine Bursary will be sent to all performance students at the end of the academic year; students will need to fill in a form (available by announcement) to apply for the bursary.

[1] Since students do not choose their majors until year 2, all first-year students taking lessons in a Music Department performance course shall be regarded as potential music majors or minors.

[2] Lessons missed due to illness or exceptional personal circumstances are not counted against a student’s attendance record; a doctor’s certificate and/or written permission from the teacher copied to the course coordinator is required in such circumstances.

[3] Grades are not the sole criteria for ‘performing well’, but a grade of B- or above in the Workshop is expected in order for a student to be eligible for the bursary.