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Curriculum - 2017 (or earlier) Cohorts

At HKU Arts, a student is bound by the regulations as stipulated in the syllabus of the year when the student is admitted. The undergraduate requirements listed on this website are for the 2018 and later cohorts. BA Regulations and Syllabuses for the 2017 (or earlier) cohorts are available here.

The syllabus for the 2018 cohort differs from those of the 2017 (or earlier) cohorts in that:

  • MUSI1025 The art of listening replaces MUSI1004 Introduction to the musics of the world as a First-year requirement.
  • The three Western Music History courses MUSI2071/2072/2073 Topics in Western music history I/II/III are deleted, and are replaced by MUSI2081 Music in Western culture I and MUSI2082 Music in Western culture II as Western Music History requirement.
  • MUSI2063 Opera is deleted, a new Capstone Experience course MUSI3037 Opera is created.
  • Two new Level 3000 musicology courses are created: MUSI3038 Methodological perspectives in music I and MUSI3039 Methodological perspectives in music II, the latter is a Capstone Experience course.

Note that all requirement-related changes listed above are applicable retroactively to students admitted in 2017-18 or before. In this regard, this table guides you through the various scenarios to ensure you fulfil the pertinent requirements for a major or minor in Music. Should you have doubts or questions about the scenarios listed, please feel free to seek advice from Music’s Undergraduate Coordinators Professor Chan Hing-yan and Dr. Joshua Chan.

(Music Majors of the 2015 cohort, note that MUSI2052 Advanced tonal chromaticism and analysis has been replaced by MUSI2074 Contrapuntal techniques and styles since 2016-17. And this change is applicable retroactively to students admitted in 2015-16 or before. In other words, if you have taken and passed MUSI2052, fine; you may consider taking MUSI2074 as an elective. If you have not taken MUSI2052, please take MUSI2074.)

Useful Links

Undergraduate Course Selection 2018/19

For information about undergraduate courses offered in 2018/19, as well as audition and selection requirements for performance courses, please visit the page Course Selection 2018/19. Please also visit the page Brilliant Shine Bursary, which details the information about a new initiative to cover the cost of music performance lessons for students taking Instrument Workshop, Vocal Workshop or Percussion Workshop under MUSI1022/2066/3021/4001 Performance study 1/2/3/4 or MUSI3032 Special performance study.